We’ve been postponing the launch of Ayeye for a while now.

Although we are not where we would like to be with the progress, we are finally launching today to the public.

Ayeye focus is to bring digital solutions to the Built-in Kitchens and cupboards industry. We are inviting all stakeholders to join us in this new digital revolution.

This platform is made for designers, carpenters, suppliers and customers to all work together.

Ayeye will help you building an online profile, help you with productivity tools, help you sell your products online and also help you sell your offcuts to peers to minimize wastage.

With Ayeye you can also sell digital products like 3D Designs and many more. Ayeye is simply a market place for everyone in the industry.

We’ve opened up a few services use for free.

You can use bafkho sponsored cutting list tool for free. Use the following coupon code when you check out : metsi2022

You can list your offcuts and a few boards for free. We can list you as a private seller if you don’t want your name to be shown on our platform.

We are also waiving copyright to following 3D pictures of wardrobes only. You can use pictures in flyers and on social media. If people are interested, you can simply use the cutting list tool to prepare the wardrobe or make a cost estimation for your order. Click Here to download pictures

More cutting list tools, support documents and videos will be coming soon .

We are also inviting you to sponsor your very own cutting list tools. More details coming soon about sponsoring cutting list tools and the long term benefits.

We hope you find value in this platform and your suggestions are welcome to help make this platform better for you.

Africa is under construction, join the platform that will help Africa transform faster, join Ayeye.

Visit the link below to use our Offcuts Shop listing Page


Visit the link below to use our Free cutting list tool


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